Shady Oaks Farm


Shady Oaks is owned by Phyllis & Fritz Grupe.  The Grupe family farming now spans three centuries and six generations – growers of wine grapes, olives, cherries, apples, and walnuts.  The Shady Oaks vast orchards expand more than 500 acres and yield more than 100,000 lbs. a year.

The Grupe family ventured into the Olive Oil industry in 2002, with an initial crop of 60 acres. Now, a multi-faceted 400 acre crop is produced. Shady Oaks Extra Virgin Olive Oil is privately grown, harvested, and bottled in Lodi, California, allowing for quality control from the ground up.

Extra virgin is a measure of the acidity of olive oil.  Shady Oaks premium olive oil is less than 1/2 of 1% – the finest – surpassing industry standards-because it is extracted at cool temperatures by centrifuge within 12 hours of harvest.  Shady Oaks brings a taste of elegance and uniqueness to the Olive Oil industry.


Mike Kristoff
Grupe Operating Company
3255 W March Lane, Suite 400
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 473-6000

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